Win At Roulette

Win At Roulette

If you have found some good roulette strategies that have proven winning records for other players, but you don’t win with the strategies, don’t blame the roulette strategies, but blame yourself. This is because you forgot to implement the basics, but important betting strategy when playing the game.

When I was a new player, like most of players who lose their money at Roulette, I had looked around to find the best strategy that can help me win at Roulette. Until I got one that should work as it works for me initially when I am following strictly the playing and the betting rules mentioned in the strategy. If thing goes right, I should win at Roulette whenever I play the game using the strategy, but it goes against the expected results. I lose most of times. After reviewing my past behavior of playing the game, I had made a few mistakes that you should avoid if you want to win at Roulette.

Mistake #1: I thought my roulette strategy is winning guaranteed

Roulette is a game of chance where each number has equal chance to be the outcome for next turn. Nobody can predict it accurately. Therefore, there is not one roulette strategy in the planet will guarantee the winning with zero losing risk. If you found one, then it will too good to be true. After some hard work of finding a good roulette strategy, at last I get one of the best that helps me win a lot of time, until I have made the mistake by thinking of the strategy will definitely work to win at roulette, there is no worry of losing. The roulette strategy that I used needs me to wait for the best condition to place my bet. Because of the mistake of thinking my roulette strategy is winning guaranteed, I play without following the betting condition.

Mistake #2: I don’t exit the game at the right time

Sometimes, thing goes against our expectation, regardless how good our strategy is, the result always turn to the opposite side that makes me lose. Most good roulette strategy guides will request players to set a set-loss limit and we need to exit the game when hitting the limit. My roulette strategy guide does require me to quit the game when I hit the set-loss limit, but I don’t. I become panic when I am entering into a losing streak and I just want to win back the money I have lost as soon as possible. I double up my bet amount on every loss, until I wipe out the money in my account and I top-up against with my credit card. If I am lucky, I will recover my losses using this method, but most times luck is not at my side. The more money I lose the more difficult to recover the losses. So, don’t become panic when you hit a losing streak, just exit the game and come back later.

Mistake #3: I don’t have sufficient budget

Can you win $1,000 with $10 in your casino account? Yes, you can, but unlikely. Most roulette betting guides require a minimum budget to start the game. If you have not prepared sufficient budget in your account, you will not be able to follow the betting schedule explained in the Roulette strategy guide. After experiencing the losses due to insufficient money, I realize that I need to have enough money in my so that I can follow the betting schedule if you want to win at Roulette.


It is possible to make consistent winning at Roulette, but you have to avoid the betting mistakes that can make you lose. Above three are among the common mistakes made by many Roulette players.

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