Tonight: A $301 Million US Powerball Jackpot Could Be Won



“$301 million US Powerball Jackpot up for grabs this week”

Wednesdays and Saturdays are always special for American lottery fans, as this is the time of the week when the US Powerball Jackpot can be won. It’s been a while since someone got away with the first prize and as a result the jackpot has surged to new highs. It has crossed the threshold of $300 million and on Wednesday at 11 PM EST / 4 AM UKT, ticket owners will be watching the draw hoping to score a big win.

On the other side of the Atlantic, the fateful hour is 4 AM GMT and thanks to online lottery ticket agents like The Lotter and Play USA Lotteries, anyone can now acquire tickets. The tiny amount that lottery fans are expected to pay has led to a constant growth of the participants base and the natural consequence is a string of big jackpots.

Halfway Through with the Record

The biggest amount ever won by a US Powerball player is $588 million, but we’re already half way through with a jackpot worth $301 million. Over the last few weeks, the jackpot grew at a faster pace, as more players tagged along and most of them acquired at least a couple of tickets. It currently grows and a rate of more than $50 million per week, so in case nobody hits the winning combination this Wednesday, one week from now the jackpot will inch closer to $400 million.

The odds of winning the first prize are slim, but with millions of tickets purchased, it is mathematically reasonable to expect to have a winner in a not so distant future. With Internet vendors joining the fray and greatly simplifying the acquisition process, Americans are no longer the only participants. While online gambling is prohibited in the US, the Powerball is one of the exceptions worth mentioning, so those who choose to play don’t have to worry about breaking any rules.

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