The Rise of Fantasy Football Popularity in Europe

fantasy football

“European punters walk in the footsteps of their American counterparts and embrace fantasy football wholeheartedly with special features at major sportsbooks like bet365 Sports.”

Sports betting is a huge market and the incredible diversity of leagues, presents unique opportunities to punters willing and capable of undertaking research. With so many real games to wager on, it might sound a bit strange that people go out of their way to bet real currency on fictional teams and players. Fantasy Football is contrary to what the name might suggest, well anchored in reality and those who dwell on this activity know that it requires just as much research as betting on actual games.

Fantasy Footballl Takes Shape in the Old Continent

For more than three decades, Americans have been wagering on Fantasy Football and turned an amusing pastime into a multimillion business. Fantasy betting started with baseball and it quickly spilled over other sports, with football being now by far the most lucrative market. Participants select a couple of players to set up a starting formation and over the course of the regular season, they trade them and make various acquisition to strengthen their roster.

There is an indissoluble link between what happens in actual games and how fantasy football teams fare, with the real matches giving the cues. Player selection is a complex process, and participants need to factor in numerous aspects while making sure that they stay within budget. On the other side of the Atlantic, fantasy football looks slightly different but it is guided by the same proven concepts. With far more domestic and continental competitions, fantasy soccer adds a new layer of complexity.

Wagering Real Money on Fantasy Football

The concept sounds new and revolutionary for European punters who know very little about American fantasy football. While bookmakers are yet to wholeheartedly embrace this type of betting, virtual sports have been around for quite a long time.

Everything from fictional soccer matches, to motorsports and horse or greyhound races is available for betting at many bookmakers. Bet365 is one of them and the graphics and commentary are so realistic that for the untrained eye it is hard to distinguish between real and virtual events.

The Perfect Mix of Poker and Fantasy Football

The bookmaker also runs a very popular poker room and with the advent of fantasy football, it found the perfect way to pitch this concept to its members. They enjoy the best of both worlds as any real money activity performed in the poker room will allow them to earn coins which in turn can be spent on players. As little as two coins are enough to purchase the first footballer and as players accumulate more virtual currency they will be able to acquire better, hence more expensive players.

Poker players can simply focus at the task at hand and go about their daily activity, as the coins are earned automatically. Bet365 uses this smart system to raise awareness of fantasy football a phenomenon that could become the next big thing in Europe. Past performance suggests that fantasy leagues draw large crowds and European punters could be jumping on the bandwagon any day now.

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