SEO: iGB and Blueclaw assess football betting tips search

blueclawSEO: iGB and Blueclaw assess football betting tips search9 September 2015

Europe’s regular club season has been on an international break these past 10 days but football is the main sport when it comes to online betting.

As the English Premier League restarts this weekend, iGaming Business and Blueclaw assess the search presence of the igaming sector when it comes to football betting tips.

We used the affiliate site as referring domain; and maybe unsurprisingly it and other affiliates outrank some of the biggest operators in the industry when it comes to search for football betting tips.

Michael Gabriel, account manager at Blueclaw, comments: “There have only been a handful of games since the beginning of the 2015 English Premier League football season, but already a lot has changed since the start of the last campaign, not just on the pitch but in the search landscape too.

“2015 has already welcomed four Google updates so far, most notably the Panda 4.2 tweak. With Euro 2016 on the horizon, competition among bookmakers is higher than ever, we think it will be fascinating to see how these changes are affecting SERPs in the football betting market.”

Interestingly, the latest Market Scout Report highlights that ‘’ and ‘’, both affiliates, are performing extraordinarily well, outranking the likes of William Hill and its 10 million indexed pages.

By contrast, only has 3,130 indexed pages. Despite this it still sits at an average position of five across 65 rankings

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