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When you want to optimize your craps play you need set a specific goal for yourself. What do you want out of your craps play? Even if there are many different specific goals craps players could set for themselves, these goals really fall under two categories. You are either trying to maximize your profits or you are focusing on having the most enjoyable playing experience possible. The difference between these two goals can be seen in their two distinctly different playing styles.

Let us start with examining play optimized for play experience. When you get down to it there are not many players who play craps professionally. Most craps players do it for the thrill and why not? Craps is the most exciting casino game by far. There is nothing quite like a craps table packed with screaming players.

To optimize your play let’s take a look at what creates exciting play. Most players will agree that big wins and losses create the dynamic of an exciting game. And how do you know what bets offer big wins and losses? Take a look at the highest house edges and the highest payouts. These requirements leave us looking at proposition bets. And if you want the absolute most excitement you should use ‘one roll bets’ because you either win or lose on every roll and these bets have extremely high house edges and payouts. It is probably unreasonable to use only one roll bets, but if you mix them with some more moderate bets like field or buy bets you can be sure to have an adrenaline filled night. If you don’t have a big bankroll though, a series of proposition bets can quickly take you out of the game and end your night early. If things aren’t going well you might want to take a more conservative stance before the casino bleeds you dry.

Now if your main focus in this game is to get as much profit as possible you need to look at the mathematical side of things. Stick to bets that keep your house edge as low as possible, which means it is time to bust out the odds bets. The explanation to and odds-bet only strategy is rather long, but if you think you could benefit from this information check out the guide to craps odds bets. This style is your best mathematical chance at taking the house, but you probably won’t have that much fun while you play. Most players will want to mix in at least a few more interesting bets throughout the course of play, or else you will spend most of the game waiting and watching.

Most people don’t simply want to play for only fun or only profit. If you are one of the majority of players who falls somewhere between these two extremes you can get the best results by using a variety of bets that lean in the direction you are most comfortable with (either risk seeking, or risk adverse).

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