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Craps is a game that will only be well played if you know the rules, such as the case with any game of any type. Luckily, craps rules are generally the same wherever you play, although some casinos have unique rules that are in addition to the more basic options. Craps rules are not difficult to understand, and generally they make more sense when you are able to employ the rules and see them in action. There are some basic rules that you should know before you play.

I. Know what the table limit is. Most casinos, online or otherwise, offer different table limits depending on how much bettors want to spend per bet. A lot of players like to start out around the $5 range, but you really do need to pay attention because the dealer and the other players do not want to wait for you to figure out how much each bet is after everyone is seated.

II. Listen to the dealer. You will only have a certain amount of time to make your bets before the dealer calls out “no more bets” and the dice are rolled by the shooter. If you attempt to make a bet after this it may be forfeited or you may not be allowed to play at the table for a specific amount of time.

III. Dice must hit the back end of the table. This is done so that there is no placement or alignment of dice in an attempt to dictate how they will fall. If the dice do not hit the back wall they will need to be shaken and rolled again.

IV. Only one Pass Line or Don’t Pass Line bet will be allowed. You can place as many Come or Don’t Come bets as you wish. The bets are made in the same way, one just takes place before come out roll and the other takes place after a point has been established by the shooter.

V. If a shooter does not roll the same number as his point number before he rolls a seven he is said to “crap out” or “sevens out” and his turn as the shooter is over.

VI. If the shooter does roll his number before he rolls a seven, his bet wins.

VII. When one shooter is out he passes the dice to the player on his left. The dice always moves from shooter to shooter in a clockwise motion around the table.

These are some of the most basic craps rules that will help those who are new to the game really understand how it works. Craps is a very fast paced game, which leaves a lot of newcomers overwhelmed. Knowing these simple craps rules will help build a foundation so that game play can not only be understood, but played and perhaps even won, if you are lucky.

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