Craps Player Strategies

crapsCraps is a relatively easy game to learn. Once the betting rules are learned, and a player has practiced for a few months, she or he can start considering craps strategies. The player must realize, however, that no craps strategy can guarantee a win. All it can do is increase the chance of coming out ahead, or at least not as far behind.

While there are several theories about improving a craps game, the best strategy is to bet with the house, and to bet on several numbers at once. This is not something a novice would want to attempt, however, because it can easily put the player past her or his loss limit.

Craps strategies generally do not include complex systems of betting or charting. They simply require the player to practice, practice, and practice. The more familiarity the player has with the odds of the game, the bets and the dice, the better. Recognizing quickly that the odds are in the player’s favor and placing bets accordingly is the best craps strategy.

It takes a lot of time and effort to get a good handle on the game and start to put a plan in place. This is because the game, as simple as it can be, is very fast-paced. Every spectator at the table can place a large number of bets at the same time. Learning to concentrate and determine the best play takes time. The worst craps strategy is to abandon goals set before starting the game. When one has a clear head and sets out with specific goals in mind, the worst thing he or she can do is abandon those goals in the heat of the game.

Craps has some very basic rules. The first rule is that a shooter wins a chance to shoot again when he or she rolls a seven or eleven on the first, or “come out” roll. If he rolls a two, a three or a twelve, however, he has “craps,” which means he lost that throw but can throw again. Should the shooter roll any other number the puck is turned over on its white side and placed on the number that corresponds to the total of the two dice. Now the real game starts, and seven becomes the “unlucky” number for the shooter.

Spectators can bet generally or specifically. They can bet that the shooter will win or will lose, and if right win a little money. Should the spectator bet that the shooter will throw a nine, for example, and the shooter does so, that kind of specific bet will win more for the spectator than the more general win or lose bet. The rule of thumb is that a win or lose bet will pay off the exact amount of the spectators bet. A $10 bet that the shooter will win will earn the spectator $10. Should the spectator have bet that the shooter would roll snake eyes, however, and the shooter does, that might be a payout of $50 on a $10 bet. The strategy, then, becomes knowing when to bet cautiously, when to pass, and when to take a greater risk. It just takes concentration and practice at the game of craps.

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