Biggest Mistakes Betting on Pro Sports

sportsBiggest Mistakes Betting on Pro Sports

Millions of people place bets on pro sporting events. Overall, just about an equal number win as lose. Which raises the question: is there any way to improve the odds of winning significantly more often than losing?

Maybe so, and certainly part of the answer lies in avoiding the biggest mistakes bettors make when placing their pro sports bets either on-line, at a casino or with friends and associates. What follows are a few of those mistakes to skip over in the search for better winning odds.

1. DON’T BELIEVE YOU KNOW THE ANSWER: Admit up front that the reason the games are played is that the outcome is NOT predetermined.

2. DON’T IGNORE THE “EXPERTS”: Understand that there are a zillion “experts” who really do research the subject at hand and make an informed guess.

3. DON’T MISTAKE A GUESS FOR A FACT: Always do remember that a guess is a guess. It may or it may not prove accurate. In many instances, your own guess is as good, although maybe not as well researched, as the “experts”.

4. DON’T RELY ENTIRELY ON THE WORD OF OTHERS: Do your own research, but make it of a different variety. Find an “expert” who is accurate to a degree well above average on their picks all of the time.

5. DON’T TRUST WITHOUT VERIFICATION: There is no need to immediately take a full on plunge into the deep end of the pool, metaphorically speaking. Wade into the water. When you find a quality “expert”, road test the picks by either observing without betting or by wagering very little until the picks have proved to beat the odds.

6. DON’T GET EXCITED: Not by the hype that “experts” spew, not by the wildly positive testimonials they have on display, not by the photos they provide of piles of cash or brand new expensive cars and not by the words they use as they spin their service. Remain intellectual, do not go emotional.

7. DON’T FORGET THE NUMBER ONE RULE OF GAMBLING: After all, gambling is as gambling does. The rule is simple: never bet without being willing to lose the amount you hope to win. When you cannot afford to lose the amount you want to win, do not place the bet.

8. DON’T FAIL TO PACE YOURSELF: Beating the odds is a marathon, not a sprint. Yes, it is possible to be really lucky on a single bet and win a bunch of money. It is equally possible to be really unlucky and lose a bunch of money. To beat the odds and win more than you lose, keep you eyes upon the big picture, the long haul. When you take your time, you can win a lot of money.

It is in fact probable to win more pro sports bets than you lose, but you have got to have a quality system on your side of either your own making or one from an “expert” that has proved itself over time. Such opportunities, although rare, exist. As noted above, do your own research and verify the facts. A good place to start researching is via the link below.

Regardless of what course you follow, the bottom line is to avoid the biggest mistakes made by pro sports bettors. When done, you will lose less and win more.

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