7,400 former Absolute Poker and UltimateBet players to receive $33.5m

The whole affair has moved along at a fast pace since Joon H. Kim, Acting 7,400 former Absolute Poker & UltimateBet players to receive $33.5m United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, told the poker community of his attention to use the remaining dregs of the FTP remissions process to make former AB/UB players whole. The GCG were appointed post-haste, and the website AbsolutePokerClaims.com created to help manage the flow of happy punters.

The GCG will return funds via bank transfer, and players on the receiving end will have to wait 4-6 weeks to get their money. The cutoff date for claims is Sep 7.

The news comes a month after AB co-founder Scott Tom agreed to forfeit $300k as part of a deal that he’s hoping will help him avoid jail time for his part in the AB/UB robberies.

Tom pleaded guilty to a single misdemeanour of being an accessory after the fact in the transmission of gambling information, a crime that carries the possibility of a custodial sentence, but methinks we already have too many people in prison, and the former AB co-founder will be able to get away Scott free.

The post 7,400 former Absolute Poker & UltimateBet players to receive $33.5m.

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